N° 19 rue Vauban has been demolished in order to widen avenue Paul Doumer and convert it from a 1-way to 2-way street. This will give automobile traffic easier access to the Marenda development. See the location on Google maps here.

The site: side view

Shortly after the display of the construction permit, an artist was commissioned to paint a mural on the side of the building. In this photo, you can see the remains of the last remaining painted wall advertisements in Antibes. It’s for the Hotel Toulouse (top right of the wall).

N° 29, front view

The Gratta-Keka (ASOA – Association des Amis du Vieil Antibes) occupied the ground floor since 1996. For more details, see the Nice Matin article here. The exterior of the building degraded progressively, but you can still see the traces of the ‘trompe l’œil’ windows on the first and second floors. For the uninitiated, ‘Gratta-Keka’ is a regional drink similar to Granizado.

Back of the building

The building to be demolished (on the right) was home to a restaurant before becoming the HQ of the Gratta-Keka ASOA. Note the exterior toilets on the balconies of the adjacent buildings. This photo shows how narrow Avenue Paul Doumer was.

Satellite view

antibes marenda fontaine satellite
© Google

The building to be demolished is indicated in red in this Google satellite view. The demolition opens up a connection between Avenue Mirabeau and the Marenda site.

After development

antibes marnera fontaine 2019
September 2019

N° 29 rue Vauban has been demolished and the end-wall reinforced.

After development

antibes marenda fountain 2019
September 2019

View from the back of the building. Avenue Paul Doumer is now much wider, offering the possibility of 2-way traffic access to Marenda car parks.

After development

antibes marenda fountain 2019
September 2019

View of the back of the fountain with the Marenda development in the background.

Evolution of the site: 2008

antibes marenda fontaine 2008
© Google. April 2008

Evolution: 2010

The buildings behind and to the left of the fountain have been demolished for the development of apartment buildings on rue Vauban. The fountain is protected by a black wooden structure.

antibes marnera fontaine 2010
© Google. December 2010

Evolution: 2013

The new building directly behind the fountain is in the same style as the one that was demolished. The yellow ocre building is one floor higher than the previous building.

antibes marenda fonatine 2013
© Google. May 2015

Le permis de démolir

Permis N° :  06 004 18 A0020
Délivré le : 5 septembre 2018
Mairie : Antibes – service urbanisme
Bénéficiaire : Ville d’Antibes
Surface du terrain :  pas indiqué
Hauteur de la construction :  pas indiqué
Superficie du plancher HON autorisée : pas indiqué
Architecte :
Nature du projet : démolition
Surface à démolir : pas indiqué