Decorative fly-over

Chataignier pont rond point Antibes

Decorative supports for the expressway fly-over at the « rond-point des Chataigniers ».

Camemberts in Juan

Terrasses de la Mer chemin des Liserons Juan les Pins Antibes

Apartment balconies in Juan les Pins.

Cruising the beach

Cruise ship Gravette Antibes

Pre-COVID days: cruise ships anchored outside the harbour and people flocked to the Gravette beach 

Château de l'Espée: contrasting epochs


The Château de l’Espée seen from the chemin du Puy. The Valencay luxury high-rise building is on the left. 1 December 2018.


Garden in the city

jardin de la vieille ville Antibes

Sometimes, you see lush vegetation in the walled gardens of the centre of the old town.

Roof tiles

rue Arazy chapelle Antibes

Magnificent tiles on the roof of the chapel at the Fersen College.

Big brother

Video surveillance bd foch Antibes
Caméra vidéo surveillance boulevard Poincaré Antibes Juan les Pins

So far, I have found more than 70 video surveillance cameras in Antibes. This will certainly grow when I get around to covering Juan Les Pins.

Beach products

Articles de plage RNC route de Nice Antibes

I have a soft spot for this shop selling things that float on the sea. It’s located at the extreme east of Antibes on the RN7 just before the River Brague.

Social security building

Antibes 11 novembre sécurité sociale

The Social Security building was closed for some time for internal modifications and for the construction of a glass external shell. It is in striking contrast with eh surrounding buildings that date from the sixties through to the nineties, as well as the buildings on the port. 

Provencal Hotel

Hotel Provençal Juan les Pins Cap d'Antibes

The « Hotel Provençale » is the great White Elephant of Juan-les-Pins. Closed and gutted for more than 40 years, it has been bought and sold several times. Each new buyer promises to develop it into a luxury hotel or apartments, but the projects never materialise. In general, a crane is installed, a few outbuildings demolished and a wall repainted in white. Then nothing happens for a year (or decade) or two… Photo taken from the Olivette harbour on the Cap d’Antibes.

Yacht "A"

Yacht A Garoupe Antibes

The 3 masts of the yacht « A » designed by Philippe Starck. Moored in the Garoupe Bay, close to the owner’s residence on the Cap d’Antibes. The A is often cited as the world’s most photographed boat. Photo taken from the Garoupe Chapel.

Sad ad

Panneau publicitaire avenue Philippe-Rochat Antibes

Advertising billboard on Avenue Philippe Rochat. Looks a little like a crucifixion…


Lavabo robinet Antibes

Outdoor washbasin just next to the door of the outside toilet on the balcony of a 19th century terraced house on Avenue Philippe-Rochat.

Antibes Old Town


Protective nets on building undergoing renovation work.


Guynemer Miquelis-Raybaud

Looking down Miquelis-Raybaud street and across the Place des Martyrs (place de la Poste). Guynemer primary school is on the left and the air conditioners for the shops on the Avenue de la République are on the right.

Reflections, Nova Antipolis

Reflections Nova Antipolis Antibes


Old Town seen from the Chemin de la Vigie

Antibes Vieille Ville vu de la Vigie

View of the Old Town of Antibes seen from the Chemin de la Vigie. The Chateau Grimaldi and the Cathedral Tower are clearly visible in the centre-right. A series of red and white cranes indicate the extensive Marenda redevelopment in the central Post Office area. The Big Wheel on the left is located on the Pré aux Pêcheurs esplanade, just next to the pleasure-boat harbour. The railway line and the Voie Rapide cross the centre-left of the photo.

Deteriorating building in prime location


This deteriorating, 3-storey building is situated just next to the modern construction with the failed vegetation wall (dead plants visible on the left of the photo). This is surprising for such a prime location. Several reasons come to mind: problems of inheritance; a rich owner who forgot all about the property; or promoters allowing the building get vandalised or squatted so that they can justify demolishing it and building something more lucrative in its place. 

When gardens start to go wild in Antibes, there is usually a real-estate project on the horizon.

Location: corner of Avenue Maizière and Avenue Barquier

The vegetation wall that failed

3 December 2018.

This modern construction close to the sea-front included a vegetation wall. This seemed to be a nice idea on paper, but the humidity required to keep the plants alive also attracted swarms of mosquitoes. Neighbours complained, so the water supply was cut off. Maybe a cactus wall would be better… Corner of Avenue Maizière and Avenue Barquier.  

Resideal apartments and public swimming pool


The Resideal holiday apartment complex, built in the 1980’s before the advent of AirBnB. It is situated just next to the swimming pool, currently under re-development. This was the site of military barracks.

Adding an extra floor

3 December 2018

The owners gained space by adding an extra floor above the 2-storey stone fronted building in 2018. Building heights are limited on avenue Paul Arène, which is now pedestrianised. A similar project of adding an extra floor can be found on nearby Avenue Pasteur.

On the opposite side of the street there is an infant school and pre-school ‘maternelle’. New shops have started to appear on the ground floor: crew uniforms, flowers, dog beauticians…

Just behind the photographer is the beginning of the ‘English Quarter’ with its bars,  pubs and restaurants.

Location: 5 avenue Paul Arène